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Mistakes, and Your Ticket to Survival Island

With a business name like Dirt1x (Do It Right the 1st Time) you’d think we would NEVER admit to a mistake. Mistakes are inevitable. It’s how you address them that can make or break your business. If you have built a solid relationship with your client, served them...

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4 Top Tips for Doing a Print Ad

I’ve run into a lot of business owners who’ve told me that traditional print advertising doesn’t work for them. When I ask how they did it, they’ll tell me they ran this one ad, and it didn’t work. Having spent seven years working in local print marketing, I know what...

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Bacon and the Antication

My favorite husband Matt, when he was in high school, worked weekends at a chain restaurant with a breakfast buffet. As kitchen manager, he cooked to restock the breakfast buffet during rush hours. The pancakes, Matt could do flat out. The eggs, easy. Heating up the...

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Your Last Best Client

Business people get bogged down when marketing by listing everything that they do. Some make a long list of their services in every communication.

Instead start with one client. Your last best client. How do you define best? Is it your most profitable? Your most fun? Or some happy combination of the two?

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To Fold or Not Tri-Fold

Coleen Stinson of Pathway Programs marketed her in-home speech therapy to parents through doctor’s offices. She wanted to be as professional as possible. So she went online and used some free templates she found on Vistaprint. And what she got was pretty mediocre. Washed out colors. Generic look – but she kept trying.

By the time she got to me, she had done this at least three times, winging her graphic design. She needed a better tri-fold. And she actually needed a tri-fold, not another layout of flyer.

When should you do a trifold? How can another option streamline your budget?

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Four Crucial C’s of Content

I often tell my clients that a website is your online home. This is why my clients take seriously and personally the decisions regarding their websites.

If you’ve ever remodeled a room in your home, you know that it is a MESS. I’m in the middle of revamping my website; dirt1x.com will go live sometime later this year. So I’m turning my mess into a message.

Content makes the difference between attraction – where they like you more – and subtraction – where you make less money.

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