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Your Last Best Client

by | Jan 25, 2015 | Marketing | 0 comments

Business people get bogged down when marketing by listing everything that they do. Some make a long list of their services in every communication.

Instead start with one client. Your last best client. How do you define best? Is it your most profitable? Your most fun? Or some happy combination of the two?

What did you do for them? What did they say afterwards? Impact is more impressive than platitudes. (Susie saved me $100 a month, OR Susie streamlined my whole system and saved me ½ hour a day, RATHER THAN Susie is wonderful.)

Tell the tangibles. Then the praise makes more sense.

You can only sell one thing at a time. So make it a good story.

And here’s another truth: You can only sell one thing to one audience at a time. Some businesses have different kinds of clients. For example, a music store may sell group band instruments to schools, but also offer guitar lessons to individual students. You wouldn’t communicate the same way to a band director and a teenager who wants to be a rock star.

My last best client was Jeff Edwards CPA. We set strategic marketing goals for his next year through my Sustainable Marketing System. One of those goals was to rebrand. Another goal was to carry that rebranding with its targeted brand messaging onto a flyer that he can use when potential clients ask for more information. He’ll use it at new client appointments, too.

For the flyer, we showcased three of his recent best clients. We edited testimonials into strong arguments for doing business with Jeff.

Targeting and focusing on story make marketing memorable.

Here’s what Jeff Edwards had to say about his experience:

“I know that as a small business owner, I am tempted to do everything myself – and that is a trap. I started looking for some help with my branding and marketing. I engaged Dirt1x to serve in that role. While I had an idea of the type of logo and branding that I wanted, I did not have a preconceived end in mind. I figured that I would know it when I saw it. I wanted a logo that would speak as much to me as it does to my current and future clients. When we began, it was just a tree. Although loaded with symbolism, I knew that I did not want “just a tree.” When we finished, Ellie and her team created a tree logo and tagline that captured what I was looking for. This is a symbolism-rich logo for me. It reminds me of why I do what I do. Everyone will not see it, but I do! In addition to the logo, Ellie helps me with developing an approach to my marketing that will be sustainable over time. As I write this, I have just signed on a new client that is dead center in my ideal-client target! Engage Ellie and see what she can do for your business.” – Jeff Edwards, CPA

We can turn your best client experience into a compelling story. By telling that story in your marketing, you’ll attract more clients like your last best client.

I’m developing marketing materials within the context of my Sustainable Marketing System for a select number of clients. The goal is not just to produce great marketing collateral, but also to have the appropriate strategy behind the choices. And the monthly check-in makes marketing strategy more practical.

I’ve seen too many businesses WISH they had more clients, HOPE they’ll do better next year. We can put that into action. Align a strategy that fits your goals. Define the tactics to make it happen. Call Ellie to learn more about the Sustainable Marketing System, 770-301-8706 or email guru@dirt1x.com.

Ellie White-Stevens
Marketing Guru & Creative Director
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