Sell Through Compelling Stories

Myth & Memorability

Let Dirt1x help you create your compelling story.

Your story or the story of your business is a major selling point. People love a good story. By telling your story, you create your own myth.

Where can we use a compelling story?

  • Brochure/flyer content
  • Press releases
  • Website bios
  • Customer information pack
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Advertising copy

People Love A Good Story.

Your story or the story of your business is a major selling point. People love a good story. By telling your story, you create your own myth. The number one page on a website is the homepage, which is the gateway. Number two is the About Us. Because people want to know who they are working with.

President Obama, politics aside, did a brilliant job of creating a personal myth. He published Dreams from My Father, then The Audacity of Hope, before he was president. Because he decided how his history would be interpreted, he saved himself dumpsters worth of hassle and built an epic persona.

People like to do business with REAL people. If you show your history, including the work ethic you got from your granddad, the family history of teaching and training from your mom, the community connection you have with your children and your high school sweetheart, you create a picture. You become someone approachable, someone with expertise, someone others want to work with.

Tell Your Compelling Story.

When Dirt1x creates or edits your compelling story, we look to keep it authentic. To make it marketable, we edit to establish competitive advantage. Do you listen better? Are you a graduate of a major university? Did you do independent research there? Have you taken mission trips to Haiti? Established a non-profit? Raised prize horses? There are things that will make you both interesting to others and memorable.

It’s compelling to tell your story, it’s also compelling to tell the story of one of your clients and how you saved the day for them. Case studies are a truly powerful form of marketing communication.

The busier you are, the better it is to find a marketing guru who can professionally present your story in an approachable story form.

At Dirt1x, we can interview you and write your experience, or edit what you’ve written. We’ve got years on years experience writing compelling stories for professional and charitable organizations. If you are in the South Metro Atlanta Area, we’ll come to you.

Client Feedback

I greatly appreciate your guidance and suggestions. You are a person not only of great intelligence, passion and style, but have superior character matched by great integrity.
Because of your mentoring and marketing, I feel at ease knowing I can create the business of my dreams, providing help to a larger audience.”

Rachel Smartt, N.D.
Owner, Smartt Nutrition, Peachtree City, GA

Call 770-301-8706 to see how we might approach your story and find out how we can help you win in business.