You made it simple. I took a rough idea, and you made it happen.
It’s out there making me money. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made, as far as my business goes.”

— Sheila Rambeck
Wills Attorney, Peachtree City, GA


I know that as a small business owner, I am tempted to do everything myself – and that is a trap. I started looking for some help with my branding and marketing. I engaged Dirt1x to serve in that role.

While I had an idea of the type of logo and branding that I wanted, I did not have a preconceived end in mind. I figured that I would know it when I saw it. I wanted a logo that would speak as much to me as it does to my current and future clients. When we began, it was just a tree. Although loaded with symbolism, I knew that I did not want “just a tree.” When we finished, Ellie and her team created a tree logo and tagline that captured what I was looking for. This is a symbolism-rich logo for me. It reminds me of why I do what I do. Everyone will not see it, but I do!

In addition to the logo, Ellie helps me with developing an approach to my marketing that will be sustainable over time. As I write this, I have just signed on a new client that is dead center in my ideal-client target! Engage Ellie and see what she can do for your business.”

— Jeff Edwards, CPA,
Fayetteville, GA

My new brochures are disappearing at a faster rate, which tells me that it looks more appealing and credible. My brochures have already paid for themselves in new client self-referrals.

Ellie is fun to work with and flexible with her time and with changes that occur midstream. She took every aspect and change seriously and talked through choices to make sure I understood how my ideas may be perceived in the market.”

— Coleen Stinson, Founder,
Pathway Programs, Peachtree City, GA

Ellie herded the squirrels, and got us headed in the right direction. She strategically planned out the journey of rebuilding our website and gave us the tools and guidance to provide quality content. She walked with us every step of the way. Her level of professionalism, kindness, vision, and expertise in her field is unparalleled.

During the process we found stopping in our busy day to write content became very challenging. Deadlines were approaching, and time was thin. Ellie came to our office after hours with computer and pastries in hand. She sat Dr. Walraven, Karen and me down and said ‘Okay ladies, we have deadlines, and we need final content.’ We answered, ‘Ellie, we are working all day and into the evening . . . HELP!’ Ellie said, ‘Start talking . . . tell me your story.” And we did, and she typed, and she edited, and it was beautiful.  ‘Ellie, would you write the remaining content?’

Ellie takes your words, your story and puts it together like a 1,000 piece puzzle. She forms the frame and puts all the pieces together creating a beautiful and eloquent masterpiece.”

— Linda Faulkner, Co-owner and Nurse Practitioner,
Ageless Wellness, Peachtree City, GA

We’ve had a great response to the business cards and new logo! The “apple concept” is brilliant in the way it subtly alludes to “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and connects the Farmers’ Market with our sponsor, Providence St. Joseph’s hospital. The tagline and copy you came up with is perfect . . . simple, but with the added information to keep customers informed about their purchases at the market and our overall commitment to health and health care.

The color scheme you designed is eye catching, and reflects a sense of the fresh, healthy produce that is sold at the market . . . without being overdone! Your professional design gives the market credibility and a clear way to communicate with potential customers and vendors.”

— Sarah Dornbos, Manager,
Burbank Certified Farmers’ Market, Burbank, CA

Dear Ellie, I am so thrilled with the logo and business cards you and your marketing team created for me. I have gotten so many impressive comments about the clarity, content and professionalism of the cards. The flyers have likewise created attention and brought more people to my classes and wellness workshops. I enjoy handling out the marketing materials and having prospects and business associates stop and notice the details, contrary to the previous things I have used.

I feel so relieved to have something that shows more of my passions regarding prevention and the nutritional counseling I provide. This has already created many opportunities and and open doors, where I would have otherwise been overlooked. I greatly appreciate your guidance and suggestions. You are a person not only of great intelligence, passion and style, but have superior character matched by great integrity.

Because of your mentoring and marketing, I feel at ease knowing I can create the business of my dreams, providing help to a larger audience.”

— Rachel Smartt, N.D., Owner,
Smartt Nutrition, Peachtree City, GA