Establish Visual Reputation

Branding & Credibility

The best possible foundation with Dirt1x.

Business growth starts in with the best possible foundation of branding. At Dirt1x, the core pieces that make up branding: a logo and logotype together are what we call Visual Reputation.

A Visual Reputation Package includes:

  • Logo Development: with all the appropriate logo files
  • Tagline: if desired, something catchy and memorable
  • 3-5 Selling Points: the things your business does that clients want to buy. This is basic brand messaging.
  • Business Card Design
  • Graphic Standards

Consistency buys credibility.

Visual Reputation is about having the look of a business match the professional reputation of the business. When a business has one logo on the business card, a different one on the sign, and another on the letterhead, it’s a credibility killer. Consistency buys credibility.

Without credibility and memorability, there is no branding. The only kind of credible logo is an original logo. No logo, clip art, Vistaprint, stock images from a local printer—those are not the stuff of professionalism. Small business has to start somewhere, though, so there’s no shame in bootstrapping. When a business is ready to grow and scale, it’s time for a credible corporate identity.

How do you make it memorable?

People respond to color and motion. So our designs often have elements of that. Images are more recognizable than just words, so often our logos have custom iconography.

Dirt1x provides professional graphic design with the addition of creative direction. Creative direction is important because often graphic designers are either artists or practitioners. They don’t necessarily think like a salesperson. Marketing is only effective if it sells. And you do need your brand concept to sell you, from its concept to execution.

At Dirt1x, you’ll find creativity matched with vision. And you’ll get someone who completely understands sales.

Client Feedback

Ellie helps me with developing an approach to my marketing that will be sustainable over time. As I write this, I have just signed on a new client that is dead center in my ideal-client target!”

Jeff Edwards
CPA, Fayetteville, GA

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