Produce Sustainable Marketing

Clever Common Sense

Make your marketing profitable.

Your small business deserves the best marketing guidance. If a Chief Marketing Officer isn’t in the budget, Marketing Guru and Creative Director Ellie White-Stevens is available.

The Sustainable Marketing System includes:

  • VIP Day: 3 hours of intensive growth strategy
  • Audit, analysis, and planning to strengthen the sales cycle
  • Define marketing goals for the year and create actionable steps
  • One-hour monthly check-in and strategy session
  • Unlimited email queries to answer: Where should I market? Is this a good deal?
  • Six emergency calls per year

Ongoing Marketing Guidance

With regular check-ins and wisdom in the process, the panic of last minute marketing can be avoided. Ellie’s passion is to improve the quality of everything you produce, and to make all productions profitable. This retainer-based consulting allows Ellie to go deep in the analysis of what’s hindering your sales. Then we identify three areas of growth at each of the sales cycle tiers: branding, marketing, sales and customer service.

From this view of the whole business, we can focus in to execute effective projects. The Sustainable Marketing System allows us to identify what sales materials, website improvements, signage, advertising and even associations to join would be most beneficial.

If you need genius ideas that work for your business, and you want to see those ideas to fruition, Ellie White-Stevens is your Marketing Guru.

Client Feedback

It is very important to me to have someone who will listen to me. Ellie never forces her opinion on me. She values my input. Ellie is a true professional. She keeps deadlines in mind and diligently attempts to keep me on track. I could not ask for a better person or company to work with.”

Karen Ouzts
Marketing Director,
Serenity Hospice Care,
Dublin, GA

Call 770-301-8706 and ask if the Sustainable Marketing System is a good fit for your business.