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Four Crucial C’s of Content

by | Jan 25, 2015 | Marketing | 0 comments

I often tell my clients that a website is your online home. This is why my clients take seriously and personally the decisions regarding their websites.

If you’ve ever remodeled a room in your home, you know that it is a MESS. I’m in the middle of revamping my website; dirt1x.com will go live sometime later this year. So I’m turning my mess into a message.

Content makes the difference between attraction – where they like you more – and subtraction – where you make less money.

There are Four Crucial C’s of Content. 

1. Core Brand Messaging

If it can’t be sold in three to five bullets, what I call Selling Points, it probably can’t be sold. Keep on message, especially on your homepage, the gateway to the rest of your online home.

2. Cast of Characters

People like to work with people. The second most visited page on most sites is the About Us page. So your Who We Are or Bio should include some personal information that will make potential clients feel like they KNOW you, before they meet you.

3. Case Study

Telling the story of how what you did worked for an earlier customer is the key to attracting more clients just like that one. Outside of a full case study, testimonials could also be used.

4. Call to Action

Encourage your web visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Offering them something juicy in exchange is a nice touch. Maybe an infographic, or a free report. Or maybe you need your potential clients to call.

And a Bonus C! Contact Information. 

I’m a big believer in having contact information at the top of every page, AND inline with the content that requests a call or an email. Make it easy, and usable for people to respond to you. No tricky forms!

This Four C’s approach is great for a website, and also works as a guideline for developing flyer and brochure copy.

Do you need your website to sell for you better?

Here are a couple of things Dirt1x can do for you:

  • Develop stronger homepage content
  • Create approachable biographies for your key players
  • Develop a pdf to send to people who sign up for your newsletter
  • Redevelop your website
  • Strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to draw more potential clients to your site

Call or email Creative Director and Marketing Guru Ellie White-Stevens at 770-301-8706 or guru@dirt1x.com to start the process of web home improvement.

Ellie will be traveling from July 26 to August 3. If you have an urgent concern during that time or would like to get on Ellie’s schedule for immediately following, email Ellie’s Assistant Emily Westerfield at emily@dirt1x.com.